Thursday, January 31, 2008

Table at Selections

We're registered at Selections on the Square in Wharton. I love this store. MaryLee, the owner, is the sweetest lady. I'd love to buy the business from her one day and do what she does. One day I'll have to ask her about it. Anyways, I went there last Friday to take a picture of our table because they had just finished setting it up. I went by this Tuesday and it is cleared off. Not completely empty, but almost! How awesome is that?! All she has up is one of our place settings with 2 glasses and a setting of our silverwear. We might have to go back and pick out some other stuff before the wedding. She should be getting some of our "fancy" china and silver in to add to the table.

Our stuff is all of the ivory dishes. They put two people to a table.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Come and Go Shower

Another terrific, successful shower. Thankfully it was pulled off with a few minor glitches. The first glitch was discovered Saturday....they were short one corsage. Nothing major, but they solved the problem immediately. Poor Aunt Carolyn felt horrible. It didn't really bother me at all, but it ended up working out perfectly. The shower started at 8:30am. Jamie and several other ladies were meeting at 7:00am to bake mini pigs, start the coffee, and get all the other food ready to go. Unfortunately, Jamie was leaving the house at 6:45am and decided to get the key ready. Well, the key was no where to be found! They searched high and low for it and finally ran across it somewhere in her car at about 7:15. When they got in to start making the pigs, the oven didn't work! Instead of panicing they took them to Mary Leck's house down the street. Everything ended up working out smoothly. I got lots of really good gifts again. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with a house full of brand new, really nice things. It's so exciting!

Me and Mamacita

Sign in area

Pampered Chef Stainless Steel pots and pans from the hostesses. I've also got a 6 quart Kitchen Aid mixer on the way from the hostesses as well.

My Mom gave us two 5 piece place settings of our beautiful china.

Here is the handmade quilt we got from Grandma Popp.

Our everyday sugar and creamer set from Grams.

More of our pretty everyday china. Nick's Mom and Pop gave us the salt and pepper shakers, serving dish, and butter dish.

All of my pretty grandma's and me!

My scrumptios cake. White with strawberry filling...also the flavor of my wedding cake.

Shiner Couple's Shower

Sign in area

San Marcos friends-Ariel (Jeremy's wife...he's in the wedding) and Gina

Our super yummy Italian Cream Cake....our cake lady made it. Nick will have this flavor as his wedding cake.


Opening presents preferred way to open gifts. That's a grill cover, but we don't have a grill.

Wait a minute...there it is! Awesome stainless steel grill from Mom and Dad, Momma and Pop Popp, and Grams. We also got a very pretty chiminea from the hostesses.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


We currently have 4 dogs in our family. Sophie, my yorkie, which Jamie has stolen. Kenzi, Jill's mini-schnauzer that now lives at Mom and Dad's with her. Bella, the weenie dog we gave Mom for Mother's Day. Duke, Jaace and Dad's black lab. This week we inherited a stray. It's the first stray that I recall ever having at our house which is pretty odd since we are out in the country. The dog definitely isn't the cutest. She looks like a leopard curr/blue heeler mix. I CANNOT stand blue heelers. I think they are the ugliest dogs ever. I've known several people that have them and think they are wonderful. Well, this dog is a sweetie pie. She must have been neglected and ran away from home.

Here is Nick having a moment with the dog.

Jill was taking a few engagement photos for us. Notice that I decided to take one on the road. This road is in front of our house. Our driveway is about 1/4 of a mile long. It was really busy with traffic for some reason so we never really got the picture we were trying to get. The stray ran from our house to where we were taking the pics. Several cars had passed by and she stood with us on the shoulder. One older lady came by and slowed down a bit. We decided to give up because of all of the cars. Jill and Nick were walking to the truck in front of me and I was standing in the ditch with the dog. For some reason the dog decided to jet out in front of the car. The lady SLAMMED her brakes...left a long mark and smoke was coming from her tires. The dog ran off so I figured she was fine. It was very traumatizing, but at least she wasn't flattened out in the road. The lady looked upset so I went to tell her not to worry because the dog wasn't ours. She drove off and might even have a dent in her car. We drove up to the house. Dad and Papa were sitting on the porch and they said they heard everything. Nick, Jill, and I went inside and told the others about what happened. A few minutes later the dog was back at our house. As of yesterday she was out and about and just fine. Whew! The thing that amazes me is that she was nailed by the car. I figured that if she survived she would go back to her original owners, but she came back to us. I think she's definitely found a new home. Nick told me that if she survived she could be our dog...he's trying to forget he said that!

Oh....this is how sweet she is...when Mom goes walking the dog walks with her. Sometimes she runs into another pasture for a little adventure, but always comes back and nudges Mom on the hand to let her know she is there.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Weekend Update

Friday Nick and I went to his grandparents house in Nada on our way to Shiner. We stopped to celebrate Aunt Ruthie's birthday. I finally got to meet the newest edition to the family...Brooks Jacob Goerig. It was good to get my baby fix for a little while. I know what lots of you are wondering....NO, Nick and I aren't planning on having kids right away! We're gonna try to wait a year. Little off the subject there. Anyways...we had a great visit with everybody. Abby...I know you're reading this and not commenting, but we definitely need to get together more! Nick and I have so much fun with you and Brian. We ended up leaving after 9 and getting to Shiner after 10. Of course there were lots of people in the pool house to greet us. We visited for a while and ended up crashing after 2am.

Saturday Nick and I worked on invitations. I'm aiming to get them in the mail on February 6th. We also had a visit with Father Bob at 11:30. It was actually a very good meeting. He told us that we were exceptional and that we were above the normal curve of people getting married. He said we are definitely ready for marriage! Wow! I always knew that we had a great relationship, but hearing it from the priest is pretty awesome. Other than that, Saturday we kinda just chilled out at the house. Aunt Carolyn and Jennifer came over to help Jamie get everythig ready for the shower on Sunday. That evening we all went to Trinity Lutheran Village to get it all ready. I probably wasn't supposed to help, but I was bored!

The shower took place at Trinity Lutheran Village at 8:30am Sunday. Definitely wasn't thrilled about waking up so early to shower and get decent looking, but it was very worthwhile. We had a WONDERFUL turnout! The shower was a Come & Go, but the people Came & Stayed! It was really great! I would almost bet that 90% of the people invited came or sent a gift. We got really really great things. I CANNOT wait to have our house and use all of our things. I know I say that after every shower, but it's sooo darned exciting. All of the hostesses, which there were like 164, gave me a 10 piece set of Pampered Chef stainless steel cookware. There was enough money left over that we are also going to get our KitchenAid mixer. WooooHooo! All of the gifts were TERRIFIC. I'll be posting the gift list soon. I left it in Shiner. Some other goodies that I love dearly are the (2) 5 piece place settings of "fine" china that Mom gave me and the accessories to our "everyday" china that Nick's Mom and Grams gave.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lucky me

Last night I went to a friend's Mystery Hostess Premier Jewelry show. I ordered one bracelet that I really liked so I got a ticket to possibly be the mystery hostess. Out of all the tickets in the bag, she picked mine! I was shocked...I never win! I ended up getting to pick out $336 worth of free jewelry. So exciting! I'm having a hard time deciding on what to get now.

Hopefully Bonnie's luck is rubbing off on me. I think I'm gonna go get a lottery ticket now! ha!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

You should be impressed

This was my list for last week:
-contact Marty Shimek and Sarinda-booked Marty and Leslie Shimek to sing and Kaedy Hermes as organist
-find photographer around Wharton for quick engagement photos-Jamie agreed to it...just have to figure out when we can do it
-order invitation envelopes-get them in the mail today
-order paper from Hobby Lobby for invitations and programs-went there and bought all they had left in my colors
-addresses for Wharton couples shower-they sent them out Saturday
-email Pastor Laura/schedule a meeting-meet with her tomorrow
-email Father Bob back-meet with him Saturday
-finish Thank you's-have a few more to do
-type letters for wedding day-haven't started
-plan rehearsal and make invites-have the menu figured out and the invitations are almost complete
-contact Victoria Advocate and other papers-talked to them, just have to get the pics done
-order bridal portraits-ordered them from the lovely Alice on Friday

I'm definitely impressed with myself. I've also started on our wedding programs. The next thing I need to do is start asking people to serve cake and snacks, registry table, beer servers, etc.

Friday, January 18, 2008

A minor scare

Ron Renken, the American Legion guy, called me today and asked if we still wanted the hall for March 29th. WHAT??? YES! He said that he didn't get a deposit for it. Dad sent him a deposit for it on June 4th, not even a week after we got engaged! Dad looked back in his records and found the cleared check. Phew! Mr. Renken must have just forgetten to write it in his books. Everything's taken care of and we're still getting married on March 29th!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bridesmaid gifts

The gifts have been wrapped for a month or so now. Still need to put the finishes touches on them and wrap Jamie and Jill's gifts. I can't wait to give them to the girls!

Here's what I just accomplished over lunch:
-envelopes ordered
-scheduled meeting with Pastor Laura-Jan.23rd at 6:00pm
-scheduled meeting with Father Bob-Jan. 26th at 10am
-Talked to Wharton Journal Spectator about engagement announcement
-"hired" Jamie to take some engagement pics this weekend
-searched for rehearsal invitations

My list for now until Monday

-contact Marty Shimek and Sarinda
-find photographer around Wharton for quick engagement photos
-order invitation envelopes
-order paper from Hobby Lobby for invitations and programs
-addresses for Wharton couples shower
-email Pastor Laura/schedule a meeting
-email Father Bob back
-finish Thank you's
-type letters for wedding day
-plan rehearsal and make invites
-contact Victoria Advocate and other papers
-order bridal portraits

Bridesmaid nightmare #1

Ok, so the dreams haven't been occuring as much as I thought they would, which is good. To me they are so funny...I mean, how in the world does this stuff come up. Usually it's something I would never think of in a million years. Well, two nights ago my dream was about the bridesmaid dresses and shoes. All the girls ask me what shoes to get so I guess that's where this all stems from.

My bridesmaids were walking down the aisle when I noticed that their really long dresses that are supposed to touch the floor were ankle length so you could see all of their unmatching shoes. The dresses looked so goofy and the shoes were terrible!

Please let me know if your dress is too short and also wear brown shoes!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Christmas 2007

Oh so fun!

This past Saturday we had a wonderful couples shower. We got to catch up with lots of people we haven't seen in a while and we got some really great gifts. A HUGE thank you goes to all of the hostesses, our family, and our friends that made it out and helped us celebrate our upcoming marriage. I don't have the list off all our goodies with me, but I'll post it with some pics soon.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Holy Moly

If you read a few posts back you will remember the story about Nick's cousin winning $50,000 on a lottery ticket that she got during our Chinese Christmas. Saturday someone called my Mom and said there was an article in the Houston Chronicle about it. Nick and Dad went to town to pick up the paper so we could check it out. Nick didn't read the article...he wrote it off that it wasn't her because it said that she won $500,000. I read the article to him. It was definitely her, but it had to be a misprint. We knew for a fact that it was $50,000. Turns out that she won $50,000 for the next 10 years! How AWESOME is that?!?!?

Friday, January 11, 2008

Jamie sent me this...

Miss Manners: Wedding Guest List Clashes

A bride wonders if she has to invite her aunts, uncles and cousins to her wedding, while her mother thinks all family should be included.

Dear Miss Manners,
My fiancé and I are taking a six-month moratorium before starting our wedding planning (which I am dreading a little, having seen friends do it and pay for it). Meanwhile, my mother is pressuring me for an invite list that does not yet exist. Am I obligated to invite my aunts/uncles (her brothers and wives) and cousins who I see once every five years, at most? She seems devastated at the thought that they might not be involved.

Gentle Reader,
Does the idea that your mother is devastated carry any weight with you?

Shouldn't that affect you more than anything Miss Manners might have to say?

Rather, she is afraid that what has affected you is the appalling but prevailing notion that a wedding is "all about" the bridal couple, with everyone else involved expected to suspend their claims and comforts.

Your marriage will be all about the two of you, although Miss Manners hopes that you will have a warm group of relatives and friends. Your wedding, in contrast, is a civic, optionally religious, social and family occasion. As a member of your immediate family and nominative hostess of the wedding, your mother should be allowed to invite not only her—also your—relatives, but her own close friends.

Realizing this will also help you avoid the stress of personal clashes that are at the bottom of most of that stress your friends have been experiencing. So have a nice little furlough and start jotting down names.

I've got nothing...

It's been hard coming up with things to post! I really haven't been busy with wedding things or anything for that matter. I feel like I haven't been stressed through this whole wedding planning ordeal at that ok? I know there are a few times that I started to stress a little and get a little ticked, but never anything major. No major major major yelling matches. Hummm! I always got the feeling that it was more pain than it was worth, but I'm loving it. Sooo...when everyone tells you to elope....don't! I could see where a long engagement would make you want to run off somewhere and get married, but the 10 month engagement has been wonderful! I wouldn't want anything longer or shorter.

Here's a funny story from Christmas. Jamie and Jill....I'm not sure I have even told ya'll about it.

It was about the week before we got out for Christmas break. I went to Country Crafts and Collectibles to get a Chinese Christmas gift for the Boling coaches, etc Christmas party. I've gotten to know Trish pretty well since it's been one of my favorite places to shop in Wharton. Well, on KULP, the AM radio station in Wharton/El Campo they do a 12 Days of Christmas game. Jerry "Claus" Aulds goes around to businesses and taps a random person on the shoulder to play the game with him. He walked in and I heard Trish say, "That girl with the sunglasses on her head and the pink sweater." I turned around wondering why someone was talking about me. He came up and asked me a few questions then put me on the radio. I was soooo nervous! I HATE public speaking and definitely hated talking on the radio! Even though no one saw, I'm sure they could tell that I was nervous. Before I was on the radio we got to talking about Shiner. When I was on the radio he asked what brought me to Wharton. Told him that I got engaged and my fiance was from here. He asked when the wedding was and said that he expected an invitation so he could drink some Shiner Bock. After it was all said and done, I had to pick a number, I picked 7 and it was 9 so I didn't get the gift certificate. It was really funny! Nick heard me and so did his dad. I guess it can pay off to be a regular customer!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Busy Busy!

Last night we figured that there are 12 weeks til the wedding. 9 of the next 12 weekends are full!!! Here's why:

January 12th-Shiner Couples Shower
January 19th-OPEN
January 27th-The Biggie-Miscellaneous Come and Go Shower in Shiner
February 2nd-Holly Benes' Wedding & Wharton County Youth Fair pig tag-in
February 9th-OPEN-Possibly Wharton Couples Shower and Lutheran Church Wedding Shower
February 16th-OPEN-" " " " "
February 23rd-Boling Fair Fund and Progress Show
March 1st-Bachelor Party
March 8th-Bachelorette Party
March 15th-PROM!
March 22nd-Easter and Robert's baptism
March 29th-WEDDING!!!

And sometime in the middle of a week we will have a school shower! CrAzInEsS!

Getting closer...

I haven't started an official countdown yet, but it's getting really close so the dreams are starting up again. The other night I had a dream that Nick and I woke up together the day of the wedding. I was so mad at him...he was supposed to stay somewhere else but he said he couldn't find a place so he decided to stay at my parents house with me! I insisted on pushing the date back since it was bad luck to see each other beforehand.

This weekend, Mom, Jill, and I went to Jamie's to work on the address list and the Come and Go shower invitations. We are almost finished with the guest list!! Woooohooo! It's massive, of course, but what do you expect? Our wedding is going to be sooooo awesome...don't mean to brag, but it will be! My family and friends are TERRIFIC! They've been so much help during all of this planning and preparation time. It's all been fun too, I'm going to be so sad when it's all over.

Ok, I'm going to start the countdown tomorrow...I'm pumped!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Rundown of the holidays

December 21st-Nick and I headed to Sugar Land when I got out of school to finish up all the last minute gifts. I was a terrible shopper this year...I went shopping lots of times, but never got much accomplished. We were supposed to go to Shiner today, but that couldn't happen since we got back to Wharton at 11:30pm.

December 22nd-My phone was dead so I had it plugged in while we packed everything up. Jamie called Nick and I answered. She asked if I had gotten her text message because they couldn't get a hold of me. Nope. She proceeded to tell me that Mr. Pfeil had died this morning. It was SHOCKING news. For those of you who don't know, Mr. Pfeil has worked with my Dad for about the past 8 years give or take. He was also the band director at SHS, therefore my teacher from 4th-9th grades. I absolutely despised band! I do not have a musical bone in my body. Therefore there were lots of times that he angered me. He's been a great friend of my Dad's for many many years. We all became very close with him over the past 8+ years that he has worked with my Dad. He was a super person. He would do anything for anyone. It was devastating to hear the news especially because I had already talked to him about singing "In Heaven There Is No Beer" at our wedding with the Hobos. I thought about Jaace right when Jamie told me the news, he was like Jaace's 2nd dad. He'd pick him up from school and take him to Tiger Tote or Maeker's for snacks since Jaace was itty-bitty. He was only 61 years one knows what caused his death. He had been feeling bad, but wouldn't go to the doctor. This definitely put a damper on the holidays for our family.

We always have some sort of get together before the holidays at our house. Heck, we have a get together every weekend. We decided to go ahead with the gathering despite all the sad news. Spann's, Pavelka's, Machacek's, and Schaefer's came over for a feast of fried fish and fixins. Later on we went to Scooter's, the newest hangout in Moulton.

December 23rd-Slept late and hung out at the house until the prayer service. Santa visited our house when we got home! We got all kinds of goodies...
Nick gave me a pair of pearl earrings that I will more than likely wear on our wedding day. I got new tires for my car from Mom and Dad. Jamie gave me a Pampered Chef grill pan. Jill gave me a $100 gift card to Dillards that I bought my Christmas china with.

December 24th-Santa usually comes to our house Christmas Eve morning, but since we had a funeral this morning he had to visit us earlier. The funeral was very moving. The fire department was there since he just retired from being the fire chief. At the graveside, the Hobos were there to play a few songs. Later on we went to Mamaw and Papa's for Christmas. We didn't get to stay very long because we had an hour drive to Nada for Christmas at Nick's Grandpa and Grandma Popp. Let me tell you....that was an exciting evening. We just finished Chinese Christmas and Bonnie, Nick's cousin, scratched the lottery tickets she got. She won $2 the first ticket, $0 the second, and then I heard "HOLY SHIT." I had my camera and immediately started taking pictures because NO ONE curses around Grandpa and Grandma. I knew it was something major. Bonnie and Suzanne started going a little crazy and double checking the ticket several times. Yep, she was the winner of $50,000. It was cool to be there and see it all happen. Oh, and get this....Nick's dad had the gift first, then Jake stole it from him. Nick was up in the air to steal that from Jake or Bonnie's gift. He finally stole Bonnie's and she took the gift card and lottery tickets from Jake. How crazy! Even though it would have been awesome to win, I was really glad Bonnie got it because her mom actually bought the tickets. Least it was someone in her immediate family to win. Nick, Pop, and I went to midnight mass in Hungerford and it was terrible. Next year we will be going to Holy Family in Wharton so I will be satisfied after the past 2 years of bad midnight masses.

December 25th-Christmas Day! We woke up early and had Christmas with Nick's family in Wharton where I got bunches of goodies again. Then we headed back to Shiner for Christmas lunch at Mamo's. When we done there at 5ish we came back to Wharton for Christmas dinner at the Popp's. Lots of running, but definitely worth it because we got to see everyone.

December 26th-Woke up at 4:30am and left at 4:45am to go to Houston for day after Christmas shopping! It's one of my favorite days of the year. It's just so much fun, just like Black Friday. We've done this for as far back as I can remember, it just wouldn't be the same if we didn't go. When we were little, we all would load up in the burban with Aunt Carolyn, Jenn, and Heather and shopped til we dropped. I really wish we would all do it again someday, but it's hard getting together since we are in all different directions with different schedules. We would pack tons of Barbie's and play on the way to Austin and back. This year I hit the jackpot and got the Christmas china I wanted for 1/2 off! I love it! Since I've gotten soooo many fun Christmas things this year, I've decided that we are going to have Christmas in July/housewarming party at our house. I just can't keep all the cool things packed up for a whole year!

It's been a while

Seems like forever since I last posted. Despite the short break, we had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's...Nick and I were with each other pretty much 24/7 which was VERY nice. We had lots of family time and lots of time in the car driving back and forth from Wharton to Shiner. I'm not complaining about all the driving...we love our time together in the car...very seldom do we listen to the radio because we talk nonstop. I'm feeling really good about the wedding-we got lots of things accomplished while in Shiner. We finished 315 chair covers, put a huge dent in the wedding list, and even went to the hall and did a test run on the tables and decor around the hall. We LOVEEEEE the decorations! Everything is falling together very nicely! Nick and I were on cloud 9 when we left the hall. I imagined the hall looking a certain way, but you just never know if it will turn out like you hope. The test run eased my mind a all looks sooooo good. I CANNOT wait for March 29th!