Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I am happy to report that the calf I chased through the barbed-wire fence is alive and well. THANK YOU JESUS! I am even happier to report that the house-on-wheels is officially retired by us and up for sale! THANK YOU JESUS EVEN MORE! You have no idea what a luxury it is to use the restroom on a porcelain toilet until you have sat on a plastic one daily for 3 months. We stayed in OUR HOUSE for the first time, by ourselves on Sunday. I must also add that our marriage is wonderful now that we are living like normal human beings. It was a bit stressul living in a 32 foot travel trailer for 3 months, but we prevailed and now have lots of funny stories to tell down the road about our first living arrangements.

Now that we are in our house, I've been cleaning and painting. I've only finished our bathroom because we still have the Popp's stuff in a few of the rooms. I thought it would be easy to pick out colors to paint the rooms, but I've had a hard time. Our room, the living room, dining room, and kitchen are all going to be Stone Lion which is a tan color. Our bathroom is blue and chocolate brown. I'm thinking one of the bedrooms will be Edamame(greenish) and one Kitten's Nose(light pink). Once again, I'm not pregnant, but when I am I don't want find out the sex of the baby so both rooms will already be painted. I'd like to do the pink room shabby chic/antiquish. The main bathroom has a dark green countertop and white tile. I still can't decide on a color to paint it...any suggestions are appreciated. Anyways, it's been lots of fun. Nick's been huge help. He's replaced several light fixtures, bought our wood blinds, and even cooked while I clean and paint. Later he's going to hang more lights and mow the lawn! Score on having a great hubby! It's a surprise that we've been working so well on these home improvements considering the last blog entry.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Things Husbands & Wives Should Not Do With Each Other

#1-Working cows!
Maybe I should write a book about top 10 things that married people should not do with each other. I searched for suggestions online and couldn't find anything. Well, today Nick needed help "working" his cows. FYI, "working" cows means worming them. I thought it was like excersing or something. I probably should have known this since I'm from the country, but I didn't. I told him that it was a bad idea for me to help with this job, and boy, was I right! Our first job was to pen several cows in Wharton to haul to Pledger. We had to pen ALL of the cows in order to do this. We got them all in the pen except for 3 calves. One calf we couldn't get in was the one Nick needed the most. My job was to shoo them at one point and to watch the gate. I was in the process of shooing him and he ran through the barbed wire fence into an open cotton field. Nick was SOOOOO MAD!!!! He took off running through the field after the calf. He was trying to yell at me to do something, but I couldn't make out what he was saying so I hid behind the trailer tire. I thought I was scaring the calf when he saw me. Well, Nick wanted me to scare him back towards him. Instead the calf went right passed me, heading for the road. Nick yelled at me to get in the truck and go to the main gate to see if I could get him in there. I told him that I wasn't driving the truck because it had his gooseneck trailer hooked up behind it. I can drive it straight, but I would have had to back it up and stuff which probably would have dented his truck. Nick hops the fence and gets in the truck. He high-tailed it down the pasture and to the gate. Somehow it worked out perfectly and the calf ended up coming back into the pasture when he opened the gate. It was TERRIBLE! We give up trying to bring this calf to the other pasture since the calf was exhausted. (Nick was too!) We go to Pledger to "work" all the cows there. I try to be a better helper, but I failed again. We got most of them penned up except for one that he wanted to take to the auction barn. I talked Nick into keep trying and a couple fled out as we were trying to get one in. Not nearly as horrible as the earlier experience. So, we start to load the one of the two calves that are going to the sale. One was already easily loaded. The problem was that we had two calves in the chute rather than just the one that needed to go. I told Nick that they'd probably both hop in the trailer, but he still had faith in me. Needless to say, both of them ran into the trailer! We had a hard time getting the smaller one out, but after some poking and prodding with a stick and cane, we got him out. If I wouldn't have ran away when the cows started running at me, we probably wouldn't have had any problems, but I don't trust those animals.

I'm happy to report that we are still married! The best news out of this entire day is that I don't ever have to "work" cows again. He'll probably just send me shopping! Nick was aggravated with me quite a bit today, but he always came back and kissed me and apologized. I'm a bit worried that the calf that got out might be dead. We'll find out in a little while when we go check on him. I'm sure I'll be in BIG TROUBLE if he dies.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gotta Love Mexico!

We had a blast shopping in Laredo/Nuevo Laredo. So much so that we are planning on returning very soon with a trailer or UHAUL. I ended up getting several very good deals on my yard ornaments. When Nick picked me up from East Bernard, the back of his truck was full with only about $150 spent. What a bargain! The beer was super as well. Since Tiff's bachelorette party, my new favorite beer is Sol. It was the first beer I spotted in Mexico. I about flipped out when they told me it cost I was thrilled when I was buying it for a dollar. I drank a few and then found a spot selling them for "half dollar." Mom and Jamie became interested in this beer so that they could stop buying the $4 margaritas. At the "half dollar" grocery store place, we saw Sol in a 40 oz bottle for $1.50. All three of us shared one of these which would fill one of the margarita cups. We had it all figured out! We'll definitely be hitting that place up in the future.

We HAD to stop at one convenience store for Waldo. He insisted on getting a Banana Fo Fana Icee. It's the only place that he's ever been to that sells them. Here's Mom eating her's. It was pretty good. Not banana-tasting at all.

The three of us shopping in Mexico.

The first pottery place in Texas. Funny turtles!

Our bodyguards!
They enjoyed watching us shop more than doing the shopping.
This was the first place we shopped and already had both vehicles full of stuff.
Our hotel. A very nice place to stay. You never would think you are a few steps away from poverty. The chicken fried oysters here are to die for.
Rio Grande
Jamie and I enjoying a drinky drink.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mi Vida Loca!

Several of us are headed to Mexico for a day of shopping in a few minutes. I'm on a hunt for cute decorations for the house. Indoor or outdoor will do. My "Money Nazi" husband only gave me $100. That'll get me nowhere! He doesn't know that I snuck an extra $75 of wedding money from a few cards that we just got in the mail here in Shiner. hehe! That's not very nice of me, but I'll tell him about it if I spend it.

We almost backed out of the trip because Mom got all scared about the Mexican Mafia. She said that crazy sh!t is going on down there and we shouldn't go, but it's to late to back out now. We've decided to shop this side of the border if at all possible to calm her down. Nick's supposed to call her and tell her that he's scared of the Mafia too! :)

Hope to report back with a successful shopping trip!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Won't be blogging much...

because SUMMER IS HERE!!! I have been working my bahooky off! It all started Friday. I decided to go to our house and start cleaning up the exterior. It started with raking leaves. I raked and bagged a total of 17 HEFTY bags, maybe more. There were 25 bags in the box and there aren't many left. I continued bagging the piles I didn't finish on Sunday and also started pressure washing the house. As I pressure washed it, I scrubbed it down with Clorox. This is no easy task, but it was something I was used to since Mom and Dad made us do it every summer when we were in school. It's much easier when you have 5 people doing one house. My hands are now ate up and a bit swollen from the Clorox, but the paint on the house is pretty and white. I finally finished the pressure washing yesterday and started on my flower beds. Who knew that so much work and MONEY are involved in making these things nice? I did go a little overboard as I always do. I had to have these things:
-the black plastic stuff because I always wanted it in our beds at home, but we never used it. I thought it was so professional looking. It's a pain!
-mulch-the wood chip one. Something else I always wanted in ours at home.
-soaker hose
-timer for the soaker hose
-MiracleGro thingy you hook to the hose
-sprinkler which I'm taking back because I really want the John Deere tractor one that drives around the yard.
-yard tools
-cute gloves
-and of course FLOWERS!
So I finished one bed and I think it looks pretty darn good. I should have taken before and after pictures of the whole house process, but I didn't have my camera and I wasn't driving back to the trailer to get it.

This weekend Mom, Dad, Jamie, and I, along with Waldo and Janie and several others are going to Mexico to do some shopping and a "little" drinking! ;) I hope to buy lots of pots and outdoor decor. Wednesday it's off to the Frio for floating and a little more drinking.

I'm An Auntie!

How I wish I was auntie to a human, but puppies are fine for now. Jill's Schnauzer, Kenzi, had puppies this past weekend. Unfortunately, I missed the event, but I'll be there this weekend to see them. If you or anyone you know wants a GREAT family dog, a mini-Schnauzer is the way to go. Kenzi is a VERY sweet, cuddly, protective dog. I finally found out this morning that she had 3 girls and a boy. I thought it was kinda funny....Jamie, Jenny, Jill, and Jaace! And the boy was the last one born. They are AKC registered.

I bet this one is going to be beautiful when she grows up.