Thursday, June 25, 2009

The story...

We were given the ok to go ahead and start trying for a baby again in February. With the official ok and me constantly behind the computer, I knew that we would be preggers again in no time. I had googled so many tricks that I knew them like the back of my hand. Unfortunately, it didn't happen the first or second month like everyone wishes...instead it was 3 loooonnnnnggg months of charting temps, peeing on ovulation predictor sticks, the dreaded 2ww (2 week wait-the time from ovulation until pregnancy or restart of cycle), an acupuncture treatment, about 50 million pregnancy tests, and countless prayers and bargains with the Lord(Please, I'll take all the morning sickness anyone can handle)! I know, a bit ridiculous!

Nick always knew when AF (Aunt Flo) decided to show up because I would be in tears in the restroom. It was terrible and I feel for people that have gone through what we did or struggle with infertility. It is a very unfortunate, but definitely makes you a better person.

On Memorial Day weekend, we had planned a trip to San Marcos with Jake & SBG and Jill & Tom. Of course, there was going to be drinking involved with tubing so I stocked up on a bunch of cheapie pregnancy sticks for the trip. I took about 5 of them on Friday and a few on Saturday. They were ALL BFN's! (Big Freakin Negatives) So I decided that some Gruene wine and beer were ok to have since it obviously was another bum month. We all had a GREAT time to say the least.

Sunday I took a few more cheapie tests, all BFN's. On Monday, I rested and Nick went to his pasture to check his cows. When I decided to wake up, I figured that I would take my last digital pregnancy test. I did what you have to do with those nasty little things and say in the restroom with my eyes closed, peeking at the stick every once in a while and praying that PREGNANT would show up on it any second. It took FOREVER! I waited and waited and waited. Finally.....PREGNANT!!! WHAT??? NO WAY!!!!!!!!! I didn't believe it, but a false positive is very rare. I called Nick to see how much time I had until he would be home. He could tell something was up with me...I tried to act down in the dumps so I could surprise him. Well, I got in my car and headed to his place in Pledger since I only had about 30 minutes til he would be at home. As I was driving there, I met him on the road. Since my car was only a few days old at the moment I thought that he didn't recognize me, but he immediately pulled over. He jumped out of the truck and looked sooo stressed out. He came very quickly to me and asked what in the world was wrong? I showed him the test and his eyes nearly came out of his head. Both of us were super excited and super shocked. It wasn't the best way to tell him...there were so many other ways I had planned to tell him, but I had no time to prepare for it and there is NO WAY that I could have kept it a secret from him for any amount of time!


I don't have much time to post because we are about to go with Jamie to take her bridal portraits, but today we had our 2nd ultrasound and according to Dr. Cone everything looks AWESOME!

I will post more when I get back home and update on our wonderful new journey!