Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Baby Bedding

Here are the pictures of the bedding we have decided to go with. Ours will not look "exactly" like any of these, however we are using material from each of these to make ours. I like all of them and especially love the monogramming. We're not quite sure how we will master that minor detail, but it will be done! I'm a monogramming fanatic and might even be getting my own machine soon. :o) You can check out a bunch of other really cute bedding at As always, I love to hear your opinions!

The Name Game

I never expected it to be this much of a challenge, but I really should have known since it has always taken me a while to come up with a name to be settled on for a DOG! The main challenge is a BOY name. Having been a teacher for the past 5 years makes it even more difficult. There are definitely names that I would NEVER pick because of the little heathens that have ruined them. (I can't post those names because I would surely tick a few people off!)

Here's the run-down on what we have discussed:

Brody Nicholas Popp (our #1 choice and I LOVE IT!)
Case Garrett Popp (scratched off the list because a distant friend just named their baby that, people may call him suitcase or ask if his other brother's name is Keg, and because my brother-in-law, Jake, informed me that he just didn't like it!) I do like getting opinions, especially negative ones, because I don't want my poor child being made fun of forever!
Cohen (Nick hates it!)

Camille Grace or Camille Emerson Popp (our #1 choice)
We haven't really discussed any other names for a girl because Camille is THE name! I especially love it because Nick suggested it and it's so pretty and different. Nothing like a Daddy naming his baby girl. We actually came up with it when we first got married. We were going through names of girls that he was currently teaching. When he said Camille, it stuck. If you remember back to the post way last year, Tracy actually cracked the code back then. The hint was that the name was "perfect" which is what Camille means, according to some books.

Unless the name just doesn't "fit" the baby, we will have either a Brody or Camille coming soon. I just LOVE both names and again, can't wait to meet the little angel.