Tuesday, September 30, 2008

6 months down...a heck of a lot more to go!

Yesterday was our 6th month of wedded bliss. This picture was taken Saturday at Dawn Raab's wedding. I'd love to say that I have lots of wonderful things to share about the event, but I don't! I was the lecture and I HATE public speaking, so that was terrible. She was IN my wedding and still listed me as Jenny Chumchal on the program. Hellllloooo...it's been 6 months. It was an outdoor wedding so it was hot and I was getting bit up by mosquitos. I wasn't planning on going to the reception, but my sister's talked me into it. I drank a few too many glasses of champagne!(This is stolen from Bonnie) "Party Jenny" decided to pay a visit and she's going into retirement for a looooonnnngggg time! We left after we ate and it went downhill from there...so I'm told.

Sunday was Dad's 58th birthday and we all celebrated in Sweet Home. It was great to see everyone and catch up on the latest happenings. I'm so thankful to have such a great family and extended family.

This weekend we are going to Port Royal to rekindle our old family vacation. I'm super excited. I've got so many pictures to add, but so little time.

Hint #1-It starts with a "C."

Oh! Notice my new hairdo-I got 6 inches cut off!

Monday, September 22, 2008

No Sharing...

As stated in the book by Mary K. Moore...I'm a name hoarder. One who has a name picked out and isn't even pregnant, but tells the one who is pregnant "that's MY name, you can't use it!" So, we just decided not to tell! It's perfect, trust me. BUT if you're REALLY smart, you can figure it out in this post! ;) Happy guessing!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

We Survived...

We survived Ike and ended up having a wonderful weekend despite the damage he caused elsewhere. We came home to a yard full of limbs and leaves. After several days of cleaning up and two trailer-loads of crap, we are almost finished. Yesterday we didn't work in the yard because I had a girl's night and Nick cut hay. Tonight we will finish it up and have a freshly mowed lawn. While we were in Shiner we played lots of Scrabble and a round of Monopoly. I've got lots of pics to put on if I ever download them.

On our way home Nick and I started "family planning." I wanna have all my ducks in a row before we actually try. That means I need to start with finding a "woman" doctor. That should have been a priority a while ago, but somehow I managed to let that slip by. I've been searching for doctors that are provided through our insurance and have had a few people refer a doctor in Sugar Land. I'm kinda sold on Methodist Hospital in SL, but that's not certain until I see a room. I'll have to have something large so that Nick, Mom, Jamie, and Jill can all be with me while in labor. Yeah, I'm making ya'll be with me...Nick will probably pass out! Maybe it's far out there to be planning that sort of thing now, but you all saw how anal I was about wedding plans and it was pulled off perfectly. Naturally, I would want the birth of our child to be even more perfect! So, we're starting there. I'll make an appointment soon and ask for prescription prenatal vitamins with DHA because we need a healthy brain!

Oh, and the most fun part....we picked out names! We have a girl name that is 100% for sure! And I just LOVE IT! That means that when the time comes, it'll be a boy! :( Call me crazy, but I'd love to have twins. If anyone has suggestions on what I need to do pre-conception...let me know! We're pretty clueless!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Mary K. Moore

Jill, my sister, used to nanny for Mary K. Moore's daughter when she was at Texas State. Mary released her book "The Unexpected When You're Expecting" on Labor Day. I just ordered it from Amazon. The website is super-cute and the excerpts are hilarious. Check it out at www.marykmoorebooks.com. I can't wait to read it!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Who Are My Readers???

Why's everyone afraid to comment? I didn't know I had so many readers. I just got a site meter and want to know who you people are!?!

Bay City? Van Vleck? Indianapolis? Woodsboro? Nacogdoches? Seguin? Even if you are from other places, comment! I think I know who it is, but just wanna double check.


Hurricane Ike

He didn't scare me until a few minutes ago when our principal handed us a phone tree and he said he would let us know tomorrow if it was a "voluntary" or "mandatory" evacuation!!! Holy CRAP! I'm that person that says, "Why didn't those idiots leave when Rita hit?" Now, I'm the idiot saying, "Ahh...Ike won't come, we'll stay here this weekend." Besides, my girlfriends are coming to visit and I wanna drink Mexican Martinis with them!

When Nick told me that his dad already had plywood bought for Gustav, I laughed. Yesterday Wayne told me that they are planning to go to San Marcos this weekend due to Ike. Again, my friends are coming to my "new" house, we're staying here! I'm so excited about this weekend, how can Ike come now???? Then I read Abby's blog and she says how everyone in El Campo has their houses boarded up. What's a girl to do? We're not prepared at all! I have 22 miles worth of gas left in my car, which means I will have to sit at a long line at Wal-Mart. We have no plywood for our windows and we haven't put anything away. I guess we have our work cut-out for us this evening....better make that tomorrow because Ike will probably decide to chose the other path so my friends can come visit and we can drink our much needed Mexican Martinis.

If he decides against my fun weekend, I guess we will get out of this town and head to Shiner. When Rita came we ended up having a VERY FUN Hurricane Party at the Spann's house. All of the Port O'Connor people came there to escape it's wrath. So, I guess either way it will be a fun weekend. If it's a "mandatory" evacuation and if any of you readers need a place to stay, call me, we always have room at my parents.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Lots going on...

But that's no excuse to be a bad blogger. We'll start with the most exciting news so far....drum role, please....WE SOLD OUR HOUSE ON WHEELS! We advertised it a week ago and the first couple that came to look at it, bought it. Better yet, we made a profit on it! We've decided to use the money from the trailer to purchase a small 1/2 acre piece of land caddy-cornered to our house. Nick wants to build him a 30X80 shop for all his boy toys. I'm all for it because it would get them out of my yard.

Saturday Nick and I planted our first garden. I've fot some really cute pictures of him making the rows and whatnot. Hopefully, we'll have lots of organic veggies to share with all of you.

We've had our first sleepover at our house! Jamie came to visit a couple of weeks ago to stay for the evening. She treated us to our favorite seafood place in town. The following day we did some antiquing in Wharton and then we treated her to Pat-A-Cake, a great little sandwich place. The atmosphere is amazing and will probably take all of my visitors there when they come stay with us!

Last Saturday we went to San Marcos. We stayed with Jake and Sarah Beth and went to the TX State football game. We're so excited because we've got season tickets this year. Not that we are great team or anything, but we are supporting THE DRIVE to Division 1. Yeah, that would put us with the big boys! I'm so for it, even if we get slaughtered. Sunday we attended Robin's "church" wedding. It was an amazing wedding. She married Greg, from Scotland. The guys wore kilts and they had did lots of traditional things from both lands. It was really fun to witness.

Wednesday I had bunco and it was a success! We never really play bunco, just sit and gab, which is always fun. I've got a few pics to post later.

In other news, school has begun and I'm a second grade teacher. It's been a bit stressful, but we'll see. It's always sad when summer is over.

I'm really excited for this coming weekend because Alicea and Deb are supposed to be coming to town for a wedding. Hopefully they will make it Friday so we can hangout. The house is finally pretty complete. We are taking visitors at anytime!