Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thanks Mom!

I just love the wonderful traits I got from parents. The mole on the side of my nose just like Dad's. Except he just got his removed because it was cancerous. That means I need to visit a dermatologist soon. The varicous veins from Mom. The list goes on, but I can't think of the others right now. Yesterday Nick and I went to Victoria to the Vascular Surgeon. He decided that injections should do the job on my varicous veins. Next Wednesday I go for the first treatment on my left leg. A week later I will have to do the right leg. Supposedly I can drive right after and they insist on lots of walking. It will consist of lots and lots of shots into all of the veins. This is how I understand it to work. A foam (NOT saline) is injected into the veins. The blood will clot in the veins which will cause the blood to stop flowing through the varicous veins. The varicous veins will basically rot and wither away. I remember noticing the varicous vein when I was a freshman during track. Over the years it has gotten a lot worse. They say when you get pregnant they get even worse. We want to nip it in the bud right now. I'll be really bruised up so no dress at Robin's wedding. That means I need to go shopping! I told Nick that everyone's going to think that he beats me on my one leg! :)

Friday, August 8, 2008


Nick and I rode with Mom, Dad, and Jaace to Coushatta on Monday-Wednesday. It was Nick's first time to gamble. I figured I'd never get his tight-wad self to go, but he loved every minute of it. Even though we came back as big losers, he's already planning on going back in December. Both of us love to play blackjack, but I was horrible at it this trip. Since I lost all of my money rather quickly I sat and watched people play roulette for hours. I finally figured out the numbers that I would play if I had money. I gave Nick a puppy dog face and he gave me a whoping $5 which I turned into $35. Needless to say, that $35 went down the drain rather quickly. Back I went to just watching. Meanwhile, I shared with other players what numbers to go with and one guy from Needville won several hundred dollars. No one was playing for a while when another guy came up and I told him which numbers to put his chips on. He did rather well and bought me $20 worth of chips. I knew that the second I'd put my chips on a few numbers it would go south. One number was 29. I had accidentally put two chips on it instead of one and amazingly it landed on 29! I did the same thing the next time and it landed on 29 again! Very rare! I was up $140 in about 1 minute. You can bet your booty I'm going to be reading up on roulette so I can play it in December. We had a GREAT time and ended up donating lots of money to the tribes, but it was well worth it.

Go Ricebirds!

Self-portraits are no fun! This is our first picture together in our house. I'm sporting my Ricebird Red because Nick and I were on our way to the school board meeting for his official introduction. We were there all of 7 minutes. It was great and everyone there is super friendly. We LOVE ECISD! I love WISD also, but ECISD has allowed me to have a HUSBAND! Jaace came to visit the week that we had the school board meeting. He only came because I promised to take him to visit J.D. Hudgins Cattle Company. He has really gotten into raising Brahman cattle and now has 8 of his own. The visit was very informative and I enjoyed it as much as he did. I'm sure I'm ranked #1 sister because of it! :)
One of the high dollar bulls.

Jaace and Mr. Hudgins

Miss Priss

Remember the pregnant bridesmaid....

This is the little angel that arrived on May 2nd. Avery is one of the sweetest babies I've ever been around. She ranks up there with our god-daughter, Abby's kids, and Tracy's kids. Being around these babies will make you want one of your own. Everyone we are surrounded by have wonderful kids...thank goodness for the cranky kids in Wal-Mart that make us practice "natural family planning!"