Friday, March 13, 2009

Ode To My Big Sis, On Her Birthday!

Jamie, you have always been someone that I have looked up to and admired. You are what every little sister wants in a big sister. Here are just a few of my many fond memories of our lives together as sisters:

-You never minded having an annoying little sister tag along with you everywhere. I always got to hang out with you and your friends during your slumber parties/dance parties. I'll never forget playing a game with those Kaeppa glow-in-the-dark triangle things with you and all the girls.

-I always did what the annoying little sister did when the big one was away. Search for the "DIARY!" Oh how I got a kick out of finding that thing. (I'll never forget those baby blue eyes! :o) hehe! It made me mad when I read that you were keeping track of things for me. Jenny can wear makeup at.... Jenny can shave when she is __yrs old!

-I was always the rule breaker and you the rule-abider! I decided to shave my legs and you called me out on it. I tried to talk you into not telling Mom, but you did.

-You and Desi telling both Mom's that you were staying at each others houses and then got busted because Mom called Desi's mom to tell you to put the clothes in the dryer.

-Jaace falling off the bed when you were babysitting all of us and you talked us into not telling Mom and Dad.

-Riding in the Ponty with you, on our way home from Yoakum. You had to slam on the breaks for some reason and we both looked at each other and said "WHOAAAA NELLIE!!" We ALWAYS would complete each other's sentences. WEIRD!

-You, Jill, and me laying in my bed and singing "If I could Turn Back Time" into my awesome tape recorder.

-Jill and toenail. No further discussion!

-LONDON TRIP!!!! Nikki and I went to buy some souvenirs and came back to you, passed out at the table!! We had to much "ether" alcohol to drink that night.

-I was always excited about getting toys and bikes for Christmas. Not you! You were THRILLED to have gotten a new DESK! And those hideous white boots!


-You can do the Vanilla Ice dance better than VI himself! Wait til we break that out at the wedding!

-REGULATORS! We always jammed out to that song in the Ponty. I hated that song before, but LOVE it now!

-Everyone knows that the Chumchal girls song is "Any Man of Mine." All three of us have to sing it wherever anyone will let us!

-Last but not least....You brought Jenn and I to our first dance in Hallettsville. What an interesting night that was! You ALMOST helped us get our first MIP too!!

I've got lots of other memories too, but I have to save some for next year. Thank you so much for being a wonderful big sis! The three of us have a very special bond that will NEVER allow ANYTHING to come between us. HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY! I Love You!