Friday, August 31, 2007

Kourtney's In...

My junior bridesmaid was iffy about being in the wedding. She REALLY wanted to, but she's at that age where there is something going on every weekend. They knew they were going to have a cheer competition that weekend because there has been one the past two years on that Saturday. They finally found out that it will be in Houston on Sunday after the wedding. THANK GOODNESS! She's such a cute, sweet girl, Jaace will probably fall in love! ;) Every time I saw her and asked her if she found out anything, you could see the disappointment in her face. Soooo, I'm happy to say that my side of the wedding party is COMPLETE! Nick's side.....I'm not going there!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Did I mention how Catholic he is?

Nick's Lutheran and I'm Catholic. He was baptized Catholic, but has been practicing the Lutheran religion forever. We've decided to raise our kids Lutheran when we are in Wharton and Catholic when we are in Shiner. All that really means is that they will go to Sunday School in Wharton and when we are in Shiner, we will go to the Catholic church. It all sounds pretty confusing because it is! Nick comes from a THICK Catholic background. He has a distant cousin that is a priest that will be marrying us. His name is Father Martin Leopold from San Antonio. He's the young one in the picture. The older gentleman is Bishop Popp. Yes, his grandpa's brother is a BISHOP in San Antonio. His grandma also has TWO sisters that are nuns, one of which that actually taught at the Catholic school in Shiner. Geeezz! Father Martin is from his grandma's side of the family. Anyways, I attached a picture so everyone knows what he looks like. I was pretty excited because it was the first time I met him. I think it's pretty cool to have someone in the family marry us...especially since we will see him at family reunions. We are also having Nick's Lutheran pastor marry us as well. See how confusing it all is....

My little darlins'...

Left to Right-Micayla, Kylee and Emery

Aren't they adorable? I know they are going to be so precious and do a great job. There's no doubt that they will walk down that aisle with no problems. We're not sure which one Jacob will get to walk with yet. We'll probably have to match them up at rehearsal. They might all walk down together.

Cayla, Kylee, and Emery are all of Nick's cousin's kids. Cayla belongs to Chris and Tracey. Jenny and Cary are Kylee's parents and Emery's parents are Abby and Brian. All of their mothers are really awesome, and I love getting together with them. With time, we will all probably grow even closer. (Their dad's are great too!)

Abby and I are planning on going to Houston one day to try on different flower girl dresses. I'm sure we will have a great time. She's got this great, bubbly personality...I've never personally known a lawyer until I met her, she's definitely not what I imagined one to be.

Nick and I are so lucky because we both come from such awesome families. He gets along great with his future in-laws and my future in-laws are super. We're gonna be a great big, happy family!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

7 months...

Not exactly, but on Wednesday it will officially be 7 months til THE day and 3 months that we have been engaged! Where has the time gone?? I'm getting more and more excited! So far, it hasn't been stressful at all. Hopefully it stays that way. This morning while I was at church I made a list...

TO DO's:
Nick's passport
Nick's baptismal certificate
Mail Engaged Encounter cashier's check
Email pics of cake to the cake lady

I know there are other things that I have to do, but I like SMALL lists...I get them done quicker that way.

Anyways, yesterday was Grandma and Grandpa Popp's 6oth Wedding Anniversary. My 3 flower girls all walked up together to bring flowers to the altar. They were AWESOME! According to their mom's and grandma's they asked if they could wear their princess dresses and if the bride was going to be there. They are so precious and I can only imagine how cute the pictures will turn out at the wedding. Not sure who will have a harder time waiting 7 or them! I'll post a picture of the three of them tomorrow and write a little blurb about them. Yes, I know i have a lot of flower girls, but I've ALWAYS wanted several. It just works well also because they are all cousins and play together all the time....I couldn't pick between the three and would never want to break any of their little hearts.

School starts tomorrow and I am SOOOOO ready. I met some of my kids on Thursday and it seems like I will have a really good class. I definitely deserve a good year after last years group.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Let the nightmares begin...

Usually at this time I am having nightmares about school things...leaving kids outside, sending them home the wrong way, etc. I guess wedding nightmares will outweigh that this year. Well, last night was my first official nightmare. I know I had one before, but I couldn't remember it so it doesn't count. I don't think this one is as terrible as I would have expected.

My bridesmaids and I were all getting our dresses on, makeup done, etc. I had my dress on and there was a huge black spot on the train from taking portraits. I didn't see it and Jamie and Jill kept trying to hide it when I turned around to make sure that the dress was ok. I started to walk out of the hall that we were getting dressed in Jamie was standing on my dress and it started to rip!

I hope all of the nightmares I have are as short as this one. It wasn't soo terribly, but definitely not something I want to happen! better watch where you are walking when that day comes!

Friday, August 17, 2007

St. Lucia...Here We Come!

I booked our honeymoon today! We are so so so excited about it! We booked it through Travel Planners in El Campo. The ladies name is Leigh Ann Neel. She was very sweet and easy to talk to...she knows her stuff. I highly recommend her!

We ended up getting the Romeo and Juliet Sunset Oceanview suite at The Regency St. Lucia. This particular room comes with the butler service which sounds UNREAL! Basically we have a guy, I guess it could be a girl too, at the palm of our hands the entire time we are there. He/she will iron our clothes, bring us breakfast in bed, bring food to us at the beach,etc....basically ANYTHING we ask. He/she will give us a cell phone so he's a phone call away. I am just amazed at this and CANNOT wait to be treated like royalty. I'll definitely let you all know if it is really the way to go when we get back.

I've really got to start working out now! Only 7 months to go....

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Nick and I have been in agreement on where to go on a honeymoon from the get-go, which has been very nice! Right away Nick wanted to go somewhere tropical. His first suggestion was Hawaii, but to me it is to commercialized and the typical honeymoon. I wanted somewhere secluded and very romantic. We thought about Paris or Venice, but again not secluded enough. I was liking tropical, but not Mexico. To me that is somewhere we will go later on for a weekend getaway or on a cruise. I wanted something exotic, secluded, and somewhere that we couldn't go for just a weekend. We got to thinking about Tahiti...very secluded, actually too secluded. The biggest downfall was that we had to plan for 3 days to get there and 3 days to get back...according to several travel agents. We exed that off pretty quick. Right now we have decided on St. Lucia in the Caribbean. I talked to several travel agents on the phone and they highly suggested it. We haven't booked it yet, we have until Friday to hold the quoted price. I'm still going to do some looking around, but to me this is PERFECT! Of course, it's over the price we were hoping for, but listen to all of the goodies....The hotel is Sandals Regency St. Lucia Golf Resort and Spa. The room we have been quoted is called the Romeo and Juliet Sunset Oceanview...this room will be complete on January 1, 2008 so it will be practically new when we get there. If we get this suite it comes with a concierge and butler service that packs and unpacks for you, takes care of laundry, draws rose scented baths, room service, etc. WOW! Sandals is definitely the way to go if you are planning a vacation. It's very luxurious and best of all it's all-inclusive. We can take catamaran tours, scuba dive, snorkle, sail, ski, 5 Star restaurants with unlimited food and drinks, swim up bars, and two other Sandals resorts nearby that you can enjoy as well. It seems just heavenly to me! If anyone has ever gone to St. Lucia or have gone to Sandals resorts, give me some feedback! I'm sooooooooooooooooooooo excited!! I'm going to try to put some pictures up, but right now I can't save them off of the website.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

If you're gonna stay...

In Shiner, that is, after the wedding or even before we only have a few places to stay so you better book them soon. I would recommend the Old Kasper House Bed and Breakfast. They are currently taking reservations for March. The other place is Shiner Country Inn...they are not taking reservations until January. Both places will not give a cheaper deal if I booked them because it is harder for them to clean up when all of the rooms are used and I'd have to pay for half of the cost now. I'm attaching some pictures so you can see the places. Your best bet will be to go to and click on food and lodging for a list of places to stay.

Now you can comment

If you are reading our blog, anyone can now make comments without creating a google account. Now leave me some!

Feeling a little blue

Now that school is about to be starting, reality is finally setting in. I guess I've just been on cloud 9 since we got engaged and haven't really thought about THE FUTURE! As far as the future with Nick, I have nothing to worry about. We are just fine and's other things like my job, friends, moving, etc that are a bit stressful. Anyone who knows me, knows it takes alot for me to cry. Well, it was just one of those days. I went to pick Nick up from cutting hay. He was so worried when he saw me. I guess he thought that he did something wrong. I got to thinking about the friends I'm leaving behind at my old school...yeah, by far it wasn't the best place to work, but I do have several great friends that I'm leaving. Plus, Austin was just down the road and lots of friends were there. Now, I'm in Wharton and it seems like there are NO young couples here! I talked to Beth Hagan this morning and she was going to meet the new teachers...made me sad to know that they are having their first kinder meeting without me. I texted Nick and he knew I was sad. He feels the same way, summer is about to be over and we should head back to our old apartments. It's just weird closing that chapter of our lives and starting a new one. Hopefully, the other new co-workers will make me feel more welcome!

Friday, August 3, 2007


I forgot to mention that our centerpieces were also on sale at Dillards. We have 10 of them being shipped to us from Wichita Falls. We got them for $7 a box! We were super excited about this especially because we will be able to have them on EVERY table rather than just half. Now we have a crapload of vases from IKEA that we can use somewhere else! I'm going to go home and take a few pics of the centerpieces and will add them sooner or later to this post.

Mother of the Bride

Oh jeez! This woman is just PICKY! Tuesday Mom and I went to Victoria because I needed to get a new social security card. It is packed away somewhere in all of my crap and I'm NOT digging for it. It was much easier to just get a new one. Of course we couldn't just go to Victoria and not go shopping. Well, Dillard's was having a GREAT sale. 30% off the already marked down prices. We went through the mother of the bride dresses and couldn't find her anything. I did pick up a dress for my two grandma's and Nick's grandma. We got such great deals on them that if they decide to not wear them in March then we won't be out of much money. Wednesday we decided to run to Austin to see if we could find any other dresses. We did find Nick's mom a dress that is really pretty. Mom tried on a few, but nothing she wanted. The collar has to be a certain way. It has to be a certain length and certain material. Rather not have a jacket. The list goes on. We did find one that was very flattering...almost perfect, but it was to early to get!! I think I'm going to have to sit the next dress shopping trip out! Jamie and Jill will be in charge of helping her find something. It just stresses me out!