Tuesday, July 29, 2008

4 months ago...

We were busy doing this....
Decorating! Actually we were finishing up and getting ready for rehearsal. I cannot believe that tomorrow will be 4 months since we were married. It has gone by so fast. I miss all the planning and excitement being engaged brought. Married life is wonderful, thank goodness we have a wedding video to relive the day. I'd be depressed if I didn't.

Oh how I wish I was doing this....

Scuba-diving in St. Lucia. The underworld is AMAZING. I highly recommend scuba-diving. It's a complete different world undersea. Nick really loved it more than I did. Mainly because I freaked out a little and my ears killed me until I figured out how to equalize. Man, I need to blog about our honeymoon! How behind I am!

Using our wedding goodies!

One of the first things I did was unload all of our wedding goodies. It has been so much fun ditching all the college utensils and starting fresh.
We love our everyday china!

Gotta love Cuisinart!

Here's a picture

So here is an "after" picture. I haven't loaded the before pictures yet do to our crappy internet here. You can picture the before in your head...imagine baby blue EVERYWHERE! I've already changed this room since this picture. I now have a hutch against the wall and the table is turned. Nick's mom gave us the table and hutch. Supposedly it's rather old and the chairs are no longer apart of the set. I'm going to look for chairs at estate sales, etc. I think a bunch of old mismatched chairs would look pretty cute. It's all coming together rather nicely. We put the floors in the living room and it looks amazing. I only have one room left to paint and then it will be complete!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

We haven't killed each other...YET!

Nick and I have spent almost every minute together since school has released and we haven't killed each other! We are both so glad that he is not working in Boling anymore so that we can see each other and enjoy being married. We have been working on the house every chance we get. So far the kitchen, dining room, and our bedroom are complete. Completely painted that is. Lindsey Voulgaris, Nick's old high school classmate, has become a great friend of mine since I moved here and started playing Bunco with her. She has been a sweetheart and helped me paint whenever I call. She loves painting the trim, which I despise. I'd much rather do the rolling. Since we moved into the house in June we've completely changed it. I pulled up all the carpet this past week. This coming week we plan on scrapping off the carpet padding that wouldn't come unglued and laying down the new flooring. I'm also hoping that Nick will put trim on all of the cabinets so I can start painting them. Our deadline for the house to be "near completion" is the end of August because I'm hosting bunco out our house. Today we went to Dillards to pick up our new bed and mattresses. That means that I'll be shampooing carpets this week also so we can set it up. It's so exciting. I really can't wait to have everything done so that the house will be clean and homey. Right now there is crap everywhere and I feel like it'll never be clean.

Last Sunday we had our first gathering. Mom, Dad, Jaace, Jamie, Robert, Rob Jr, Matt, Wanda, Wayne, Grams, Jake, and Toni and Cody Pohler came over for fried chicken (catered by Dad!). It was a spur of the moment deal and it turned out rather well. I learned of lots of things to put on my grocery list including better tongs and Reynolds wrap (to name a few). I can't wait to have the guest rooms complete so that people can actually come and stay over.

We'll be busy this next week as usual. Vacation Bible School is Sunday-Wednesday evenings. Saturday we have Jennifer's 1st birthday party to attend and Sunday we have a wedding shower for Greg and Robin. I'd much rather be busy than sitting around with nothing to do, but I hate how fast the time is flying. School bells will be ringing soon! :(

I'm going to try to be a better blogger and even add some pics.