Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fun Friday!

Last Friday Nick and I went to Babies R Us to begin our baby registry. We had soooo much fun, to say the least. Registering for wedding stuff was fun, but baby stuff took the cake. Nick hogged the scan gun as he did when we registered for wedding stuff, but he did let me have a turn with it when he went to the restroom. We spent almost 2 hours scanning stuff, but it seems like we didn't get to everything and I know there are lots of changes I need to make on the list. Of course, most of it is all "fun" stuff that we will be able to live without. Essentially, all you need is diapers, bottles, butt cream, and wipes, but who could resist all the other cute-sy things out there.

Nick testing out a glider. He's much pickier than I am about it!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Go Ricebirds!

Nick absolutely loves his job and his co-workers at his school. There isn't anything better than going to a job that you love. We are very fortunate that he has such a great job as an ag teacher. His principal has told him that he has the only job like it in Texas....due to the fact that it's the only school that has an 8th grade ag/shop class. We were REALLY wanting to go to the EC vs. Wharton game this Friday and Aunt Marilyn came through with a couple of tickets for us since they are season ticket holders. The best part of the game was that El Campo came out with a big ole "W." EC spanked Wharton...49-12. Here is a terrible picture of the baby's first EC football game. Nick can only take blurry pictures so we will have to settle with this one. One day.....wayyyy in the future, our little baby will be a Ricebird football player, cheerleader, or maybe a Derby Doll so we thought we should document the very first game.

This is my last pair of regular jeans that fit. I should be able to wear them for a couple more weeks!


I am sooo in love with this bed. It is everything that I wanted when we started looking for a bed and more. Last night we went to a wedding shower at Hinze's, came home and decided to start putting the bed. Can you believe that Nick didn't need ANY beer and there were ZERO curse words or deep sighs out of him? Putting the bed together was very easy, for me anyway. I just sat there and took pictures. Gotta love being PREGGO! Nick would just say that I'm using the baby as a crutch!

Here is the bed straight out of the box. It's gorgeous even when it's not put together.

My job was to seperate the screws. Didn't I do a good job??

The final product...

Isn't it gorgeous? Next step is to order the material so we can get the bedding made. It's all coming together very nicely.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The bed is out of the box!

And that's it! Last night I had a terrible headache so all Nick and I did was get all of the pieces of the bed out of the box. We were both really excited to see it and it looks like it will be gorgeous in the baby's room. I am so glad that we decided to go with our first choice bed. I'll take pictures of the putting together process whenever we get time to do it.

Grammy didn't have school yesterday so she rode to Sugar Land with me to pick up the bed. I thought it would be a treat for her too since she insisted on buying this beautiful piece of furniture for us. We had a wonderful time. We made a quick trip into Home Depot for a wedding shower gift for this weekend. Then we made our way to the furniture warehouse. By then it was time for lunch at Cafe Adobe. Yum! Afterwards, she informed me that she was buying us a mattress too so we needed to stop by Babies R Us. We had soooo much fun browsing through all the baby stuff. Nick and I have shopped there a few times recently and I make quite a habit of popping in. Grammy was a hoot....wanting to buy everything! We ended up with a mattress, a very cool baby tub, a toy, and a cute farm scene blankie. It's so fun having all of these cool things, but it will be even better once we get use them with our bundle of joy.

We've got a very busy weekend so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we will get this bed up. I'm super antsy and so mad that my throbbing head prevented us from doing it last night. Tonight we are headed to the El Campo vs. Wharton football game. Hopefully the Ricebirds get a W. Tomorrow we have a wedding shower at Hinze's for Jason Ward. Sunday we are meeting up with Joe and Julie to judge record books for an upcoming fair. Nick will be busy rolling up hay during the day on Saturday and Sunday so I guess that means I get to clean!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More good news

Yesterday I got a call from Dr. Cone's office to discuss the blood results from Thursday. Everytime "Unavailable Number" pops up on my phone, I get nervous! I know it's results from the doctor. I especially don't enjoy answering it because I usually get the call when I am by myself. This blood test was called an AFP test. Not sure what it stands for, but it tests for neural tube defects such as spina bifida. Nurse Lynn said that the numbers all came back fine and we shouldn't have anything to worry about. We opted out of doing the other screens...for Downs, etc.

While we were at our appointment on Friday, I had another missed call from a Houston number. It was Baby's 1st telling us that the crib has arrived! I'm so excited about picking it up and putting it together. I think it will be another one of those moments where this all because more "real" to us. Tomorrow Wanda and I are going to run to Stafford to pick it up. She has several days off of school due to Swine Flu and other illnesses and Nick has to make hay. Last night we were talking about how weird it is going to be to have a baby bed up in one of the spare bedrooms. I feel sorry for him because tomorrow he is going to have a long night. I know I'll want that bed up before we go to sleep!

Last night was also a bit of an event for Nick. I'm always trying to make him feel the baby move. It kicks so hard and so much already that I just KNOW he has to be feeling it. There's no doubt that I do. I don't know if I can feel it with my hands or if I'm just feeling it in my belly and think my hands can feel it too. It's strange! Anyways, he always puts his hand on my belly and concentrates so hard on trying to feel it that he is never successful. He finally relaxed more last night and asked if it felt like a heartbeat (but not as consistent and a little harder). That's exactly how I should have described it to him and I actually thought about that one night while I was lying awake in bed, but forgot to tell him! So, I really do think that he is feeling it, which is even more exciting because I know it is just going to get stronger and he will definitely be able to feel it. There is only so much that a man gets to experience during pregnancy and I hope he is feeling a part of it all. All he keeps saying is that he wants it to be here already and that OVERJOYS me!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Wow....You have a BUSY BABY in there!!

The first thing I heard when we had our sonogram was "Wow....you have a busy baby in there!" This was not news to me. The baby has been VERY active for the past week and a half or longer. The sonogram was AMAZING to say the least. It made it so real for both of us, but more-so for Nick. When Nick was called into the room with me, they turned the monitor towards us and the baby raised its arm and waved at us! It was hilarious and brought tears to my eyes. We visited with Dr. Cone after we visited with the radiologist and he told us that everything looked great. On the paper the measurements show that the baby measures 5 days ahead of schedule. I would love for it to get here sooner! :)

We stuck to our guns and didn't find out the sex of the baby. We almost caved, but when we first told them we weren't going to find out they thought it was great and then told us they weren't going to ruin our surprise when we were contemplating finding out. They definitely know what it is though and I'm leaning towards boy...it's just so active that it makes me think boy. Nick always said that we could find out closer to the date, but Nurse Angela said she won't tell us. WE LOVE ANGELA and I would so love to party with her once we have this little babe
I'll post more later, but right now we are at Aunt Jamie's Bachelorette party on the River Walk. (Oh, and I soooooo want a XX!)