Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Telling everyone

Most people think that you should keep the pregnancy hush-hush until the 2nd trimester. I thought I would agree with it the 2nd time around, but there's no way for me to keep such wonderful news quiet! I was bursting at the seams the minute I found out. Nick and I agreed that we would tell our parents after the 1st ultrasound. I did have to tell a few very important people before that, just because I HAD too!! I told Jamie and Jill immediately via text message. (A picture of the PREGNANT pregnancy test!) Then I had to call my BFF Stephanie who has been there through all of the ups and downs with me. She also knew my "schedule" better than I did so she was waiting to hear if I would get a BFN or BFP this month. They were all very very excited about the news. I also had to tell Sarah Beth one evening while we were at the Popp's. After our first ultrasound, Dr. Cone said everything was looking great. We told the Popp's one evening when they came over for supper. Well, we had a Grandma and a Grandpa bib waiting at each of their seats. When they walked in, Wanda saw it right away and had a "What in the Heck?" look on her face. She had tears in her eyes and gave us big hugs. Wayne, well he caught on a few seconds later and was very happy too. That weekend we went to Shiner and I had a picture frame that said BABY on it for Mom and Dad. On the insided I had put Feb. 3 on a piece of scrapbook paper. They were THRILLED, but they didn't quite get the Feb. 3 part because the b looked sort of like a t and it kinda blended in with the paper. Mom thought it was Fetus 3........UM HECK NO!!!! Coming February 3rd, which is Mom's and her twin brother, Uncle Allen's birthday. It would be very neat to have the baby on their birthday, but I'm hoping he/she gets here sometimes in January. I'm so anxious to meet it already!