Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mommy's Last Brody Check-up

On Tuesday, February 20th, I had my last doctor's visit for this pregnancy. We had started seeing Dr. Cone in November of 2008. We very quickly got familiar with he and his staff as things did not progress the way they were supposed to and we were at the clinic LOTS of times within about 4 weeks. I don't even want to know how many times we made that trek to Houston in the past 16 months. The good thing is that we have a break for an entire year! Wooo! This is very bittersweet for us. We absolutely LOVE Dr. Cone and the people who work for him. I was on the verge of tears when we walked out on Tuesday. They have all been very helpful and supportive throughout our trials and tribulations. They were never frustrated when I would call with silly questions. We appreciate everything these great people did for us. We couldn't leave without pictures.

Nurse Becky and Brody~She wanted to steal him from us, but she only got away with a kiss!

Dr. Cone and Brody

Nurse Angela and Brody-Angela is the floor nurse so she knows EVERYTHING about me.

Nurse Lynn-When I was 38 weeks preggo, Mom, Jamie, Jill, and I saw Lynn and her daughter shopping at Memorial City Mall. It was neat that she knew my name outside of the clinic. That may seem silly to some people, but this clinic sees lots of people. There were 9,300 babies delivered at our hospital and most of those are OGA patients.

We are very blessed to have these wonderful nurses and doctor. Can't wait to use them for the next baby.....yearssssss down the road!


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